Optical Shoppe

Optical Shoppe ads by the Melton Agency

Seeing Impressive Growth

The Optical Shoppe had truly humble beginnings.

After receiving his Doctorate of Optometry, Dr. Paul Elliott opened a small shop in the front room of the house where he lived with his wife and three children.

Soon after opening, Dr. Elliott asked The Melton Agency to help them with their marketing and advertising.

The Agency helped position The Optical Shoppe against larger competitors like Pearle and LensCrafters. The marketing would stress that the Dr. Elliott and The Optical Shoppe were experts in eye care while the bigger chains were merely eyeglass and contact lens retailers.

The Optical Shoppe began to steadily grow. Soon, Dr. Elliott bought a new house and turned the old house into a complete optical showroom and exam place. Business boomed.

In time, Dr. Elliott opened a 2nd location in Milford, MA. A few years later, another office was opened in Norton, MA. They are currently looking at opening a 4th location.

Today, The Optical Shoppe is thriving and last year, Dr. Elliott’s daughter joined him as a 2nd Optometrist for the business.