Arnold House

Arnold House samples by the Melton Agency

A Bedtime Story

In 2014, the Arnold House, a family owned Nursing Home in Stoneham, MA, hired The Melton Agency to help with their marketing and advertising.

Unlike most nursing homes, Arnold House is private pay only. They do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Room rates are $350 and $375 per day.

When we began working together, only 14 of their 22 beds were full, an occupancy rate that had been consistent in recent years.

Working with the client, we recommended a 2 prong marketing approach. We would improve Arnold House’s visibility on the Internet and we would also strengthen their network of referrers. We created a low cost direct mail marketing campaign directed at the referral market.

After only 4 months of working together, the Nursing Home was up to 100% occupancy and they have a waiting list.

They have not added any additional staff. The additional income generated for the Nursing Home is over $1 million per year. ($1,022,000.00 to be exact.)